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Jennifer Selas Jenny wrote on November 13, 2021
I really enjoy Zumba with Kylie. She offers a variety of classes that cater to a wide range of fitness and capability levels. Routines change regularly with a broad array of music genres represented. Body and mind are given a great workout. You forget you are exercising and lose yourself to the dance!
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Ann Di Leo Ann Di Leo wrote on November 13, 2021
Kylieโ€™s back! First class after lockdown and weโ€™re all so grateful to her. Class was so enjoyable and thereโ€™s no pressure to keep up, itโ€™s a very supportive environment for everyone. I highly recommend Kylieโ€™s classes having been to many different Zumba teachers.
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Jennifer Bowdidge Jen wrote on November 13, 2021
My weekly Zumba class is a must for me. Kylieโ€™s energy and passion for what she does is inspiring. She is constantly adding new routines so it never gets boring - a mix of new and old hits, as well as some spicy Latin numbers. Every week I am excited to get moving - it isnโ€™t just exercise, itโ€™s fun and feeds my soul!
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Karen Arcifa Karen wrote on November 13, 2021
My first day being a part of an energised live Zumba class and I loved it! I was anxious about exercising with others, but Kylie and the group made me feel so welcome . Totally enjoyed the music and the dancing , and as a beginner who had only done the online classes, Kylie brought Zumba to life with her energetic personality. Great time and great exercise for any age!!
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Ella Dobbie Ella wrote on November 13, 2021
This morning was our first class back from lockdown. Kylie still kept us on our toes by providing online classes but this one was pure joy. We were dancing and exercising without any idea of how hard we were working out. Kylie is a great motivator and her enthusiasm is so contagious. I am so glad that we are back and have Kylie to thank for all that she is doing for us.
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Glenda James Glenda wrote on August 20, 2021
Just finished Kylieโ€™s Friday class. She is so bright and cheerful and always bringing In new fun routines to make our exercise enjoyable. Really gives us something to look forward to during lockdown. Thank you Kylie. I really appreciate all you do for us
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Irene Tippett Irene wrote on August 20, 2021
I have been attending Kylie's classes for over 3 years now and more recently online due to lockdown. The most striking thing for me is Kylie's enthusiasm to give us the best possible experience. The classes provide a whole of body workout with cardio, core, flexibility and some balance work, all to a mix of music genres so there is always something to get my heart singing. Overall, it is a fun time with well hearted people.
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Julie Mulholland Julie wrote on August 18, 2021
Such great fun - you don't even realise you're exercising hard! Kylie is so energetic and regularly updates her routines to keep us on our toes. Her classes are my favourite part of the week. A fabulous way to exercise in lockdown, and even better when we're all together!
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Kathie Kathie wrote on August 15, 2021
I have been going too Kylie's Gold Zumba classes for some time now having been told about by a friend at the time when I was contemplating part time retirement and looking for some exercise class as well. Kylie is an excellent teacher and the music is great. There is no pressure to be like a cheer squad member, you go at your own pace. So for me it's been a real win win. I am getting some exercise, having a lots of fun and making new friends all at the same time.
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Linda Church Linda wrote on August 11, 2021
I have been coming to Kylieโ€™s Zumba Gold for over 4 years. I definitely feel stronger and fitter but itโ€™s also such fun. Kylieโ€™s infectious personality & enthusiasm makes each class a joy. Cannot help but smile. Music, fitness & dance lift the spirit. Kylie cares for each and everyone in the class making our experience as happy & healthy as possible. Even in challenging times like the one we are experiencing now. We all appreciate it very much and look forward to many more fun times ahead.
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Kate South Kate wrote on August 11, 2021
What can I say that hasn't already been said! I have always loved any sort of dancing, and was thrilled, about 5 years ago, to find Kylie's Zumba Gold class which I quickly added to my exercise regime.The classes are inclusive, welcoming,so much fun, entertaining, good for the brain, and at times exhausting, and challenging ๐Ÿ˜Š! Kylie chooses music from all genres, and then puts the most amazing routines to it. Never matters if you can't keep up, or start on your L foot rather than your's all fun. What makes this class work is Kylie's professionalism, and her over-riding concern that she offers us the best experience she can! Ever since Covid began (and depending on restrictions)we've been able to access classes through a mix of Zoom, face-to-face, live-streaming. The recent addition of a Toning class has improved my overall health and fitness. Thank you,Kylie, you're amazing.... and "You ought to be congratulated"!
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Rhonda Burnley Rhonda wrote on August 11, 2021
Kylie's Zumba classes are always both fun and energetic. Music and dance steps are quite varied. I have been attending for about three years and feel that the class is welcoming and there is no judgement. I always leave feeling invigorated.
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Del Carpena Del wrote on August 10, 2021
I've been enjoying zumba gold classes twice a week for over 5 years now. When classes had to stop Kylie immediately organised on line so we could continue having fun (exercise).. I've enjoyed so many different styles from latin, rock and roll, country and even bollywood , it seems the sky is the limit. I look forward to every class even the toning class which is challenging but still a lot of fun. I know my fitness has improved and I always feel so energised after class.
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Yvonne Devlin Yvonne wrote on August 9, 2021
Kylie is a gem ! I started her Fitness Gold class last year a little bit unsure if I could keep up and follow the moves . I neednโ€™t have worried as she is so supportive and this encourages you to follow as well as you can . Really fun is the order of the day with dances snd routines that Kylie changes frequently so we have to be on our toes to keep up. Her energy and personality enthuse you snd I look forward to the classes which at the moment are on zoom . Thanks Kylie
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Katherine Juric Katherine wrote on August 9, 2021
Kylie has an amazing mix of different styles of music, from latin to afro, hip hop and pop. I love the way she mixes dance with aerobics and toning. The dance moves are easy to follow and she always keeps it interesting. Zumba through Kylie's classes has kept me motivated to exercise as she has put on more online classes throughout lockdown. There is plenty of choice through the week and you can cancel if needed, but retain your voucher for future use, which is really convenient. It is the most fun form of exercise I've tried and you can dance like nobody's watching!
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Colleen Colleen wrote on August 9, 2021
I love Kylie's Zumba Gold class. Kylie has such a great personality and makes you feel very comfortable when you do the class. At the present time I am doing her online classes and with her IT background the booking process and quality of the lesson via Zoom is excellent. I am looking forward to when we go back to face to face because the other ladies are so friendly and always ready for a chat. I can't recommend Kylie highly enough and the added bonus is that your fitness increases and you learn different moves to the great music.
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Maureen Connelly Maureen wrote on August 9, 2021
The best decision I ever made when thinking about retirement was to try a Zumba Gold Class - and I am still hooked. Kylieโ€™s friendly and warm personality made me feel at home immediately. Sheโ€™s full of energy and positivity which really is infectious. Best of all, I feel stronger, healthier and more confident than when I started. Love the different and interesting routines and music.The class is packed with such fun and friendly ladies in a non-competitive social environment thanks to our lovely instructor Kylie.๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜โค
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Tracey Jebb Tracey wrote on August 9, 2021
I love kylie's zumba classes they are so much fun. I never thought i would enjoy going to an exercise class as much as i do now. Kylie is very supportive, encouraging and motivational. You can go at your own pace and every session is filled with a laugh. I thoroughly recommend kylies classes, they are a great way to keep fit.
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Christine De Souza Indybrit wrote on August 9, 2021
Kylie's classes are the epitome of fun. The classes are always on time, crafted with care and expertise and suitable for all levels of fitness and for all ages. Kylie is our Zumba angel dusting us with positivity and hope and perhaps even blessing us with more toned and flexible bodies. Do try a class or two and your body and soul will thank you.
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Carol King Carol wrote on August 9, 2021
I started zumba with Kylie on 01/04/16 after seeing the class listed in Seniors Week activities. As it was close to home thought I would give it a go and now, 5 years on I am still a devotee of both Kylie and zumba gold. It was a much smaller class when I started and I have seen it grow to the fabulous group it is today. It is great fun, great exercise and great company so thank you Kylie for the many hours of pleasure you give us and the hard work you put into it to make it so.
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