Zumba Gold

What is Zumba Gold?

“Zumba® Gold takes the Latin and International dance rhythms you know and love from regular Zumba® classes and brings them to the active older adult, beginner participant and other special populations that may require modifications.”

Zumba Gold is a fabulously fun fitness program.  It’s similar stylistically and musically to regular Zumba, but it’s performed at a lower intensity level to be more accessible to everyone. Zumba Gold is intended for active older adults, Zumba beginners, fitness newbies, and other people for whatever reason don’t feel up to participating in a regular Zumba class but still love to dance.

What makes Zumba Gold different? Isn’t it just a slowed down version of Zumba?
No.  And yes… Some of the songs I use in regular Zumba classes,  I also use in my Zumba Gold class.  However the choreography is a little different.  I will swap out any high impact moves with low impact alternatives.  I change some of the movements to be easier and also reduce some of the arm movements.  Additionally in my Zumba Gold class,  I do 15 minutes of resistance work with either hand weights or resistance bands.  Some of this work is standing and some is seated.  Resistance work is just as important as a cardio workout and in my Zumba gold classes, you get them both.  If you are interested in attending, please bring your own hand weights (no more than 1 kilo).

Cost: Casual $12 or buy a 5 class pass for $50. 

Zumba Girls having fun