About Us


Hi, my name is Kylie and I have been running Zumba classes since October 2012.

My Zumba journey began when I was looking for an activity that involved latin music which didn’t require a partner.  You see, back then I was salsa dancing 3 nights a week in 2008-2010 and fell ill with pneumonia.  I was hospitalised for 6 weeks and it took me months to recover and build my strength and fitness back.   It was then I realised how important our health is.

I came across a Zumba class one Saturday morning at a dance studio and become hooked from the beginning.  After being a Zumba student for a couple of years, I discovered I had a passion for fitness and I was keen to share that passion.  It wasn’t long after I completed a Cert 3 in Fitness, that Zenergi was born.  Zenergi allows me to combine both of my loves, my love of latin dancing and my love of helping people get fit.

In August 2015, I also became a Level 3 health and wellness coach with Wellness Coaching Australia.

My philosophy when it comes to exercise is it must be fun.  Zumba is a fitness program that is all about having fun.  This is why I love teaching it so much and it is why many students are still around years later in my classes.  On a personal note, those same students have become good friends of mine.

My classes are for everyone, young and mature age.  There are no judgments just good old fashion fun with a bucket load of sweat.  I offer both Zumba and Zumba Gold classes in Peakhurst and Oatley.  Check out the classes pages if you want to know which class would suit you.

In all of my classes I say to everyone, go your own pace and it would be my pleasure to help you on your fitness journey too.